Have Better 1:1 with Tailor Brands Cards Managers Kit

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At Tailor Brands we believe that a GOOD feedback is a NOW feedback.

That’s why we carry out our entire performance management process in our weekly 1:1’s.
We don’t need to have a formal, artificial process every 6 months; we are all “doers by nature,” and talking about the way we deliver is part of our day-to-day.

In our 1:1’s, we either discuss the week we had (performance feedback) or the week ahead of us (goals). And, what’s great about this is that working from home hasn’t stopped us from being able to discuss how we’ve done until now - or where we’re headed.

Alignment helps everyone; we all want to know what is expected from us and if we are on the right track at every step of the way. And, when you do something every week, it becomes second nature and very easy to do.

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